�:Shenzhen Xin�zesen Printing Co.,Ltd

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                          Shenzhen Xinzesen Printing Co.,Ltd

                          In 2007, ShenZhen XinZeSen Printing Co.,Ltd was established was established in Shenzhen of Longhua
                          In 2007, the new Zesen through the ISO 9001 quality system certification
                          In 2008, the new Zesen and OZAKI reached a strategic partnership
                          In 2009, we purchased the German Heidelberg five color printing machine and the KOMORI printing machine in Japan
                          In 2010, the new times and Zesen thinking, LUXMO, TTAF, OTAO reached a strategic partnership
                          In 2012, Shenzhen branch Senya Plastics Co. Ltd. was established, the introduction of Zhou Dafu, Jinding gold, SK jewelry brand customers
                          In 2012, the Shenzhen city and the brothers printed by GMI as TARGET, WALMART, audit, KMART packaging materials suppliers
                          In 2015, the sky broad wing group was established
                          In 2016, the new Zesen moved to Shenzhen Pinghu, increase production area to 15000 square
                          In 2017, the new Zesen reached a strategic partnership with millet
                          In 2017, the new Zesen imported two sets of automatic and automatic capping machine and hull machine set up a complete automatic box production line

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                          TELŠU 0086-755-8241 4848 0086-755-2813 2844 FAXŠU 0086-755-2973 9983 Add: No 17th ,East ChangLong Rd ,PingHuTown, Long gang District ,ShenZhen City ,China